The GREBE group belongs to the most important manufacturers of coating systems worldwide. The companies of the group are innovative niche offerers commercializing their products globally today.

For more than 100 years, they offer an extensive assortment of coating systems to the industry concerning to preservation of value, adornment, and increase in value.

Metal, plastics, wood, glass, paper, cardboards, ceramics or rubber: As variously as the undergrounds, on which our coatings are used, so differently are also the industries, which profit from our know-how: Substantial key customer areas are non-adhesive and highly heat-resistant coatings for the industry of household articles and furnace industry, rail vehicle industry, military technology industry, radiation hardening lacquer systems for different ranges of application of furniture and parquet industry – in order to designate only some of them.

For all range of applicability it can stated: We have developed our skills from extended experiences and tradition. We offer a maximum of authority. Our associates in the industry have a high opinion of us as an innovative associate. more »